From Holland we have managed one of the biggest distributors of the sector in Europe, exporting to more than 26 countries, including Spain, the largest and fastest growing market of this sector. Since 1985 Bio Green has been involved in the development and production of bio organic fertilizers, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of cultivation in the Dutch market, we have obtained organic, excellent quality and highly concentrated products, with the help of our international distribution channels throughout Europe. Bio Green also has the most extensive European line of substrates with many different types of soil, coconut and rock wool.


We are not only dedicated to selling nutrients and materials, but also, we carry out our own research and development strategies in our specialized department. At Bio Green we are always developing and testing new and existing products, we have our own brands and contracts with the best brands in the market.


Along these years, we have improved a great variety of high quality products, like nutrients and products for the care of the plants, especially adapted for diverse types of cultivations, like the ones in soil or hydroponic. We have settled in Catalonia, where we located our European logistics center. We offer Spanish and Dutch top brands, among others, at a very competitive cost.

We produce more than


of substrates a year

We distribute


of ELT balasts in Europe

We manufacture

10 types

of mineral fertilizers for plants

We sell to more than

26 countries

including Spain

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We have our own


brand for your cultivations