Biogreen Garlic

Biogreen garlic is rich in allicin. This component works as the first defense mechanism against insects and various fungi. It can be used as prevention, treatment and foliar. Leaves no garlic flavor or odor on your plants.


Product Description

Biogreen Garlic is obtained through a well thought-out two-step production process, which involves placing freshly cut fermented garlic and ginger bulbs in oxygen-free tanks for several months (polar extraction), followed by a-polar extraction. As a result, the content of the active ingredients is higher and quality damage due to oxidation of oxygen in the air is avoided.

The main bioactive component extracted from garlic is allicin, an organic sulfur compound (thiosulfonate) with a strong antioxidant effect and other good properties for plants. Allicin works as the first defense mechanism against insects and various fungi. Biogreen Garlic is highly concentrated and contains on average 15000-28000 ppm allicin.


Due to the natural nature of Biogreen Garlic, the active components are fully absorbed and used by the plant and there is no residue left in the plant and in the soil. During this process, the smell and / or taste of your crop is NOT affected.


Repels thrips and other insects. It is absorbed by the plant, making the plant less attractive to thrips and other insects. They will leave the plant. In a spray treatment, it reduces mold problems.

Biogreen Garlic
It is made from raw materials that are all listed by the German Research Institute for Organic Farming (FiBL) and are in accordance with EU Directive n. ° 834/2007 on organic production.

Biogreen Garlic
It is highly concentrated and contains on average 15000-28000 ppm of allicin.


Prevents and repels various insects such as mites, thrips and many more.
Prevents and cures various pathogenic fungi like powdery mildew, mold and more
Very focused. (1 liter makes up to 1000 liters)
Keeps infection pressure low
Can be used in combination with other pesticides
100% organic (no harmful or chemical residues)
General effect of strengthening the plant.

How to use:

100 ml for 100 liters of nutrient water as a preventive treatment

400 ml for 100 liters of nutritious water as a shock treatment

As a spray: 50 ml to 1 liter of water.

When to use it:

Biogreen Garlic can be used to protect your crop from various infestations or to cure your crop from an infestation. Garlic is effective against various insects such as mites, thrips, lice, whiteflies, nematodes, and beetles, but also pathogenic fungi such as mold and mildew. It is also highly effective against snails.


WHEN? If you want to keep your plants free of insects and fungi (prevention).

HOW? When mixing your nutrients in your water tank, add 1 ml of Biogreen Garlic per liter of

Water. Then, water your plants with the solution.

REPEAT? Every time you water your plants. From the beginning of the vegetables to the end of the flower.

WHEN? When your plants have an insect infestation.

HOW? Mix 4 ml of Biogreen Garlic per liter of water in your water tank (along with its nutrients). Then water your plants with the solution.

>>> IMPORTANT <<<: Place a fresh head of lettuce near the plants that are infested. This is of utmost importance as insects now need an untreated food source to flee.

THE NEXT DAY: Carefully wrap a bag around the lettuce head (s) and dispose of it responsibly.

REPEAT? For heavy infestations, repeat this 3/4 days later.


WHEN? When your plants have powdery mildew or other fungal problems.

HOW? Mix 50 ml of bio-green garlic per liter of water in a spray bottle. Spray infected plants and

be sure to cover the top and bottom of infected leaves

REPEAT? Repeat after 2/3 days until the fungus problem is resolved.

Close the bottle correctly after use. Period of validity after opening 2 months, if kept in a dark place, cool but free of frost.

Important: never use it simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products.

Additional Information

Envase disponible

1 L, 5 L

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