CalGel is a high quality fertilizer with all the macronutrients and micronutrients required for growth and full bloom in any medium.
It is a fully soluble liquid fertilizer with 22.5% calcium and a balanced amount of microelements. It has been specifically formulated as a fast-absorbing fertilizer for flowering plants. As for all kinds of fruits and vegetable crops. Increases the strength of the plant and improves its color and taste.

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Product Description


Calgel can also be used as foliar fertilizer. use a 1: 1000 solution in the first stage of growth and 1: 5000 in the final stage, as well as during flowering. This solution can be sprayed directly onto the blades.

  • Enhances nutrient uptake by root.
  • Ensures palpable strengthening and tightening of the top.
  • Ensures an increase in weight of the final product.
  • sufficient magnesium for optimum synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins.
  • Contains only the purest raw materials.
  • no expiration date
How to use:

Apply once a week with irrigation water. When it comes to hydroculture 2 times a week. if used in combination with fertilizer, reduce the fertilizer EC in the container by 0.3ms and increase it with CalGel by 0.3ms from the first week of flowering.


store in a dark place and protected from frost. if the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.