Tent hydro shoot

The latest version 2.50, this new range offers a 2 x 1 on shelves, which allow you to enjoy a flowering space and a growing area in the same store.

The limited quantity of these products offers opportunities for installation in confined spaces and / or low height (less slopes, lofts, …), which is a real revolution for a store that offers two separate spaces.

This range is available in the following sizes:

L90 (90x60x135cm)
L120 (120x90x145cm)
L160 (160x120x205cm)
L280 (280x120x210cm)

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Product Description

Model Hydroshoot

    · Highly watertight, level 1.
    · Easy and easy to assemble.
    · The fabric is washable both inside and out.
    · Lightweight and compact