Tents Cristal

The CRiSTAL model is a “Reflecting Tent”, which offers the most intense and best distribution of light in the market.

By its shape, offers a better evacuation of the heat. Can be set in the most inaccessible places.
Easy to assemble with its fiberglass structure, it can only be used with CFl. Ideal for growth.

Available in the following sizes:

CR60 (60x60x55cm)
CR 110 (110x110x105cm)
CR145 (145x145x140cm)

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Product Description


      · Better heat evacuation.


      · Great hermeticity to the light, nivel 2.


      ·Compatible with most hydroponics systems.


      · Strong tube structure.


      · Easy and simple to assemble


      ·The fabric is washable both inside and out.


    · Lightweight and compact materials